Biodrying, Refuse derived fuel, bioreactor landfill

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"Testing and modelling of mechanical behavior of biodryed waste as a Waste-to-Energy prerequisite."

Project duration: 1st January 2018 till 30th June 2023

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Experiments in pics

Trial sample in triaxial cell

Trial sample from triaxial cell

Calibration of presssure tansducer for triaxial device

Calibration of pressure transducer for oedometer device

Waste sampe - light fraction - WMC Kaštijun

Waste sampe - light fraction - WMC Marišćina

Sample quartering

Determination of granulometric curve

Determination of organic content

Determination of waste solid particles density by gas pycnometer

Determination of waste solid particles density by water pycnometer

Determination of maximum density with vibro plate

Proctor test

Waste sample after shearing

Sample instalation into triaxial cell

Sample instalation into the oedometer cell

Sample instalation for dry density test


Waste shredding

Sample preparation


Water pycnometers

Sample preparation for direct shear test

Installed sample in direct shear device

Long-term experiment of MBT waste consolidation with allowed biodegradation

Sampling of summer waste specimens

Sample preparation for biodrying

Shredding of the waste sample for biodrying

Sample installed into the bioreactor cell

Arduino data loger for bioreactor cell

Our team

Igor Petrović

Head of the project

Erich Bauer

Constitutive models

Ivan Hip

Numerical and Statistical Models

Anita Ptiček Siročić

Recycling of polimers

Ivana Melnjak

Postdoctoral student

Linke Li

Doctoral student

Nikola Kaniski

Doctoral student

Nikola Hrncic

Doctoral student

Boris Kavur

Geomechanical laboratory expert

Dino Bosilj

PhD student

CWMC Mariscina

MBT biodrying plant



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